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Over 20 years' experience educating about trauma

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Cathy Harris is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in San Diego, California with over 20 years' experience treating and educating about trauma. She has been licensed in Iowa, Arizona, California and Texas. She trained for the Master of Social Work degree at the Inpatient Trauma Unit under the direction of Dr. Colin Ross in Dallas, Texas.  

Cathy has worked in hospital settings, inpatient and outpatient, with adults and adolescents. She was in private practice in Ames, Iowa for 7 years, working in collaboration with Dr. James Trahan. In addition she has worked as an in-home therapist, residential counselor with adults and adolescents coping with addictions, crisis center clinician, Military Family Life Counselor and Licensed Independent Practitioner with the US Navy's residential substance abuse program in San Diego. Cathy has maintained a private practice from the time she became independently licensed, in 2004. Throughout her career she has endeavored to share her knowledge and experience working from trauma-informed perspective.

You can’t get away from the art of therapy...
— Colin Ross, MD