Are you ready to make the shift to Trauma-Informed thinking?


With over 20 years' experience treating trauma and educating colleagues about trauma-informed thinking Cathy Harris, with TraumaRevolution offers training and consultation to give you the knowledge and confidence to assist clients who need your help. Our mission is to help you become fearless but not reckless as you help your clients move on from trauma.



What is "Trauma-Informed"?

Trauma-Informed thinking focuses on "What's happened to you?" versus the medical model's emphasis on "What's wrong with you?" This shift in thinking affects how we interact with our clients and patients and can influence outcomes of assessment and treatment.

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Take Action

Are you ready to deepen your understanding of Trauma-Informed principles? You can help your clients when you understand what they need in light of what happened to them. TI training can give you tools for self-care as you facilitate this important work.

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Oprah talks about the importance of Trauma-Informed Care